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General Treasury of Social Security

Project for a Public Service Office Building in an Urban Setting

It's an office building for public service in an urban environment, organized into three superimposed volumes whose rotation is suggested by the geometry of the buildable plot. Its overall appearance is that of a glass box protected by a translucent metallic filter, which diffuses light and views. The new building is meant to be a catalyst for renewal in an architecturally and socially degraded area.

The building appears as a floating metal box. However, from the inside, the metal of the facade practically disappears. The view of the surroundings from the offices is unobstructed. Horizontal metal slats prevent direct sunlight from entering the interior of the building.

The building hovers over the urban space; above the transparent and open lobby, the main volume shifts to one side to regularize the floor plan shape of the offices and to support the continuity of one of the narrow streets in the historic district. The upper volume is set back, creating a terrace space at the level of neighboring buildings.


The use of a portal structure, with pillars exclusively on the facade, allows for open floors organized around two vertical cores. This offers great versatility in use and partitioning over time.

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