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"Les Tovallones" building

Project for the New Multifunctional Facility 'Les Tovallones' in Sant Feliu de Llobregat


The new multifunctional facility 'Les Tovalloles' is configured through a dual response:

  • To the new context. By formal recognition to relate and integrate with the other side of the train tracks (which will be underground in the future), the 'Llar de l’Amistat Cheshire' and 'Plaça Can Llobera'. The rotation of the first floor establishes this dialogue and resolves the corner, creating a pivotal point.

  • To the street 'Riera de la Salut'. A new elongated square or promenade is formed in this location. The ground floor concludes this pathway, which can extend to the green roof, transforming it into an educational and recreational space.


The GROUND FLOOR 'captures' pedestrian flow, integrating them into the activities of the new multifunctional facility 'Les Tovalloles': The 'Espais Porxats' (Covered Spaces) house activities such as games, Wi-Fi access, collective memory representation, leisure education, reading, etc. The 'Punt Omnia' offers a welcoming point and is located in a dynamic and easily accessible area. The Hall acts as the backbone of the floor, characterized by its flexibility and versatility. It can expand into the multipurpose room through sliding acoustic panels or merge with the two Workshop Rooms. The Multipurpose Room, well-connected, can be visually seen from the street 'Lluís Garcia Rius'. Its flexibility allows integration with the Hall if necessary. The two Workshop Rooms enhance their versatility with a double system of sliding acoustic panels, allowing separate operation, joint operation, or integration with the Hall.

The FIRST FLOOR addresses continuity with the new square-promenade and resolves the site's new dynamics, providing a multifunctional 'end'. The Headquarters of the Trade Consortium is resolved with a clean volume, enjoying an open courtyard (green roof). The 'Entitats' Space configures the new corner facade of the facility and resolves the exit of the ramp. A glazed corridor with a courtyard feeds various offices. The Technical Management Spaces, specifically the utilities room, facilitate external air intake, machinery ventilation, and solar panel optimization. The Outdoor Spaces on the green roof can be used for various educational and environmental awareness activities related to sustainability.

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