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Viladecans Hospital

New Building Project for a 6-story Private Building with a total area of 6,200 m2, intended for office rental

This is a new construction project for a private building intended for office rental. The total area of the 6-story building is around 6,200 m2. The project is designed to achieve a BREEAM certification, focusing on design systems aimed at improving energy efficiency and user comfort.

The air conditioning system is connected to the Ecoenergies district cooling and heating network. The building also features a passive solar protection system with movable slats based on solar incidence. Additionally, there is an interior courtyard that enhances natural ventilation.

The management system was prepared for the fair distribution of energy expenses among the various users of the building.

Specifically, the following actions have been taken:

  • Connection system with District Cooling & Heating substations

  • Passive protection system for the building with movable slats

  • Variable flow climate distribution system

  • Implementation of the BSM control system for the building, with remote control via the web

  • Intelligent system for managing interior lighting

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