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Administrative District Generalitat de Catalunya

New Administrative Campus of the Government of Catalonia located in the urban complex Fira2000 in the city of Barcelona

The new Administrative Campus of the Government of Catalonia is located within the urban complex Fira2000 in the city of Barcelona. The complex has a building capacity of 40,300 m2 and a total built area of 58,587 m2, and it's designed to house all the departments of the Government of Catalonia under an administrative concession.

It is the first building in Catalonia to achieve LEED PLATINUM certification and also WELL certification, which measures user well-being in a very comprehensive manner. The complex is organized around two volumes of 5-6 floors on a shared base that occupies the entire site and connects the two office buildings. This base serves as a communication axis between the two main entrances of the building, creating an open and highly representative welcoming space. The area between the two office volumes is designed as a garden that functions as an outdoor campus. The facade configuration is conceived as a double skin that offers solar protection adapted to each orientation, easy maintenance and cleaning of the glass, while maximizing the visual relationship with the exterior.

The shared base houses common and public-facing areas, including meeting rooms, an auditorium-press room, and a restaurant-cafeteria that directly connects to the interior garden. The floors of the upper two volumes are all identical, with a built area of 3,315 m2 each, designed with a high degree of flexibility and efficiency to provide maximum versatility in their potential layouts. All floors offer optimal natural lighting and views, allowing for the best comfort conditions in various workspaces.

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