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Department of the Interior

Drafted for the new headquarters of the Department of the Interior, in the 'El Palacete de Santa Isabel' complex

The architectural proposal is drafted by FAHE CONSULTING, SLP with architect Alex Falcones as the responsible architect for the project drafting.

The new headquarters of the Department of the Interior is located in the complex formerly known as 'El Palacete de Santa Isabel', which had been the headquarters of the Barcelona Water Company for the past 85 years.

The intervention carried out to adapt the former Barcelona Water Company buildings to the new use as the New Headquarters of the Department of the Interior is planned for a set of 5 buildings: C/Diputació 353 and 355, and Passeig Sant Joan 43-45 in Barcelona.

The main values of the project and its execution were to combine the inherent limitations of the existing and cataloged buildings with the functional needs, energy efficiency, and comfort requirements for their use as a highly important institutional building for the country's operation.

From the perspective of cost control, planning, budgeting, and subsequent economic control of the work, FAHE CONSULTING, Arquitectura SLP, also managed by Justo Hernanz, was responsible for this area.

Main actions:

  • Cost control in the project phase by establishing relationships between initial proposals and the study of the project's valuation and analysis to obtain the optimal final proposal with the greatest contribution.

  • The methodology using TCQ for drafting, along with planning.

  • In-depth study of the constraints of existing elements to prevent unexpected issues.

  • Control in the construction monitoring process to prevent economic deviations.

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