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Mossos d'Esquadra station

Project for the New Mossos d'Esquadra Station in the Amposta Port Area


The police station contributes to the articulation of the public space it shares with the existing comarcal archive, in this equipment complex. As the frontispiece of the equipment ensemble, the police station faces the street that connects to the historic center of the municipality. Given the flat terrain, the building adapts to the road and achieves a formal scale transition in line with the comarcal archive building, forming a cohesive ensemble in terms of volumetrics.


With simple, pure, and unadorned forms, the volume of the police station showcases its aspiration to attain the status of an emblematic public building in the municipality. Its sculptural character emphasizes well-defined openings that present access with rationality and clarity. The building becomes an icon representing the collective of the Catalan police.


The form factor has been kept small due to its compact design, which, along with the grouping of windows, has resulted in energy savings. The ventilated facade using ceramic materials provides a technically sustainable solution in harmony with the environment. Sunlight control is achieved through a motorized system of movable synthetic fiber screens. Natural ventilation for all rooms. Utilization of natural sunlight; all workspaces enjoy good natural lighting. High-efficiency, low-consumption lighting systems.

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